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Do it yourself plumbling.

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Do it yourself plumbling.


Plumbing Fixtures And Trade
Modern plumbing as a trade is the arranging and running of pipes to supply pure water to buildings, the erecting of fixtures for the...

The Use And Care Of The Soldering Iron Fluxes Making Different Soldering Joints
The Soldering Iron.—The soldering iron is one of the first tools a plumber has to master. This tool is sometim...

Mixtures Of Solders For Soldering Iron And Wiping Care Of Solders Melting Points Of Metals And Alloys
The importance of good solder, that is, solder correctly mixed and thoroughly cleaned, should not be overlooked. Work is more quickl...

Making And Care Of Wiping Cloths
A good wiping cloth is essential for wiping joints. The exact size and the flexibility of the cloth depend a great deal upon the mec...

Preparing And Wiping Joints
When the writer first started to carry the tools for a plumber and to prepare joints for wiping, the remark was often heard that joi...

More Preparing And Wiping Joints
TWO-INCH BRASS FERRULE Materials.—The beginner should continue wiping the vertical round joint until...

Laying Terra-cotta And Making Connections To Public Sewers. Water Connections
TERRA-COTTA PIPE One of the first pieces of work which a plumber is called upon to do, when building operations commen...

Installing Of French Or Sub-soil Drains

Storm And Sanitary Drainage With Sewage Disposal
in View The accompanying drawing of storm and sanitary drains should be studied in detail by the reader. The location of ea...

Soil And Waste Pipes And Vents Tests
SOIL PIPES The term "soil pipes" means pipe that receives the discharge from water closets. The size of a soil pipe for ord...

House Traps Fresh-air Connections Drum Traps And Non-syphoning Traps
The house trap is a deep seal trap placed inside the foundation wall, and intersects the house drain and house sewer. Th...

Pipe Threading
The proper cutting of threads on pipe is overlooked by some mechanics. There are many different kinds of dies and different kinds of...

Cold-water Supply Test
The supplying of cold water to buildings and then piping it to the various fixtures makes a very interesting study. We have gone ove...

Hot-water Heaters Instantaneous Coil And Storage Tanks.
Return Circulation Hot-water Lines and Expansion The problem of supplying hot water to plumbing fixtures is one that has required ...

Insulation Of Piping To Eliminate Conduction Radiation Freezing And Noise
Pipe Covering.—Pipe covering is another important branch of plumbing. A few years ago heating pipes were the ...

Durham Or Screw Pipe Work Pipe And Fittings
"Durham" or "screw pipe" work is the name used to denote that the job is installed by the use of wrought-iron or steel screw pipe...

Gas Fitting Pipe And Fittings Threading Measuring And Testing
GAS AND ITS USE IN BUILDINGS Gas is in common use in all classes of buildings today. Dwellings use it for cooking and illum...

Plumbing Codes
The work of plumbing has a direct result on the health of the occupants of buildings; therefore in order that the plumbing may not b...


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