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  French Canadian Stories (15)  

Canadian Stories

Short Canadian Stories

French Canadian Stories

The Chateau De Ramezay
A few yards from the busy municipal centre of the city of Montreal, behind an antique iron railing, is a quaint, old building known ...

Heroes Of The Past
On the river bank below the Chateau, tradition says, was the spot trodden by Jacques Cartier, who gave the river its name. Born at t...

A few rods to the west of the Chateau, through a vaulted archway leading from the street, in the shadow of the peaceful convent buil...

Le Seminaire
Still more ancient is a venerable postern in the blackened wall of the Seminary of St. Sulpice, near by, which is now the oldest bui...

Cathedrals And Cloisters
The Order of the Gentlemen of St. Sulpice is supposed to be very rich, the amount of the immense revenues never being made public. T...

The Massacre Of Lachine
The conquest and settlement of all new regions are necessarily more or less written in blood, and the natural characteristics of the...

The Chateau De Vaudreuil
A short distance to the south-west is the spot on which stood the Chateau and famous gardens of the Marquis de Vaudreuil, the last F...

The Battle Of The Plains
It was the evening of the 12th of Sept., 1759. The French troops were on the alert,--the British ready. The evening was calm and fin...

Canada Under English Rule
General James Murray, the son of Lord Elibank, was appointed the first British Governor of Canada. Previous to the fall of Montreal,...

American Invasion
In the year 1775, when the thirteen American Colonies had risen in arms against the Motherland, it was to be expected that they woul...

The Continental Army In Canada
On the Sunday following Sir Guy Carleton's departure from Montreal, as the people were proceeding to church, they were thrown into a...

The Fur Kings
It was to the French explorers whose names stand "conspicuous on the pages of half-savage romance," and to their successors the S...

Interesting Sites
Few visitors to the city, as the Palace cars of the Canadian Pacific Railway carry them into the mammoth station on Dalhousie Square...

Famous Names
Conspicuous among the portraits of soldiers, heroes and navigators which adorn the walls of the different rooms of the Chateau, i...

Echoes From The Past
Near a modern window in the gallery leans an old spinning-wheel, which was found in the vaults. By its hum in winter twilights, a hu...




  French Canadian Stories  

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